Two Year Anniversary of RBP | How did I get here?

I just realized that I completely missed RBP’s 2 year anniversary of being in business. How can that be you might ask…I think that is because it’s difficult to really put a date on when I actually began this business. On November 3, 2008 I launched my portfolio website and this is what my husband and I have deemed as our “official” start date.

But I have been shooting for clients way before that date. So allow me to take you back to when it all began.

I got my first FLIM SLR in college and took pictures just for fun. I loved trying to be creative and snapped anything and everything.  At that time I was working for a childcare center. I taught the 4 and 5 year class and loved every minute of it. I had worked there since high school, so I knew these children since infancy. These sweet children became my first clients.

My best friend and I decided to host a photo session day to make a little extra money.  We spent a few hours at a local park and photographed the kids for $50 per family. I shot on auto the entire time and pretended I knew what I was doing, while my best friend, “the creative director” did silly things to get the kids to smile and look at the camera. Then we took the images to Sam’s club, printed them, and gave them to our clients. And that is how it all started. Humble beginnings for sure.

I am so thankful that these sweet families were kind enough to help out some poor college students and believed in us enough to ask us to photograph their kids a second and even third time.  After that day in the park I began to do sessions for friends and family members, but never planned to make a career out of photography. It’s funny how God’s plans prevail even when we are clueless to them.

When I moved to Abilene I met an amazing young lady who introduced herself to me as a photographer. I was blown away that she actually did that for a living. We bonded instantly and became good friends. She was kind enough to invite me on photo shoots with her and encouraged me to stop shooting in auto mode and made me shoot in manual. That changed my photography style for the better. I was inspired by her bravery. By her passion. By her kindness and heart.  Before meeting her I would have never considered taking such a risk and calling myself a photographer. I just consider myself a person who took ok pictures. But  her courage to step out and do what she loved made me realized that photography could be more than just a hobby for me.

For a year my heart literally ached with the desire to pursue photography as a career.It was all I could think about. I had trouble falling asleep most nights because thoughts of photography flooded my mind.  So I prayed about it. Fretted about it. Dreamed about it.  And then finally sheepishly proposed the idea to my husband. I vividly remember sitting on the floor in the living room pouring my heart out to my husband about this dream of being a photographer. He sweetly took my hand and told me to go for it.  So we prayed together right then and there about this adventure and told God that where He leaded we would follow.

And here I am. A full time photographer. Only by the grace of God. I am amazed at where He has led me. And I know that this ability is a gift from Him and that I would not be able to do this without Him. To God be all the glory. And just know that I do not take this job lightly. People entrust me with precious memories. With their loved ones. I am honored and want to give them something they will treasure for ever. Just like I treasure these images below.

There are some of my first images. They were taken on a film camera, so all I have are the prints to show you. I will always cherish these images because they remind me of my roots. Of where it all began. Of how I got here.

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