Tokyo Portrait Photographer | Katsurada Family

I am just in love with the moments behind these photos.  I could tell as soon as I started shooting that they have had experience doing lifestyle photography before. They were comfortable just playing with and loving on their kids while I snapped away. Their photographer Kate Chapman, who is PCSing and thus referred them to me, taught them well.

Excluding the families that I photographed during Project Hohoemi, the Katsuradas are my first local clients. I have to admit that I was very excited to have client’s who are not associate with Yokota Air Base. Please don’t hear me wrong, I love my Yokota clients and could not do this job without you guys! But I would love to expand and be able to photograph the local community as well. Not sure if that dream can become a reality since I don’t speak Japanese. A minor setback:) Thankfully this sweet couple speaks both English and Japanese beautifully.  And they were a pleasure to work with.

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