Time to Worship

The church I attend just built a new building and asked me to snap some images to be used on their website.  Last night while editing these images I was really moved by the shots of people worshipping. Not because they are awesome pictures, to be honest they are pretty average. But I was moved by the passion and emotion I saw in them. They contain real people expressing their love, adoration, and gratitude to and for the Creator without any apprehension or trepidation.  They are whole heartedly engaging in the presence of the Lord.  I love that! I love watching people worship and seeing them just spend time with God. Seeing these images got me excited to go to church today, made me want to spend time with my maker in a real, authentic way. Please allow me to share that inspiration.

Above: Andy holding Eli during praise and worship. Teaching our boy to be a worshipper. Love it.

I challenge you to get real today. Worship with all you have, regardless of who may be looking. And if you are in Abilene and need a church let me know.  Andy and I would be honored for you to come sit by us.  Blessings!

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September 15, 2010 - 9:01 pm

Jeannette - I love these pictures! I had not seen them until today. Thank you so much for sharing these with us. One of those worshiping silhouettes is my daughter. 🙂

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