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Have you ever met someone who has a contagious spirit? You feel joyful when you are around them and when you leave their company you are refreshed? This is how I feel about the entire Porter family. I absolutely adore them. I am truly blessed to know them.

Kevin and Rebekah are amazing parents to their three girls Natalie, Lily, and Everly. They love the Lord and it is evident in everything they do. Kevin is so funny and just cracks me up every time I talk to him. Rebekah is full of grace and has a strength that I long for. Not to mention an awesome fashion sense as well.  This family is truly beautiful. And it was a pleasure photographing them, Texas heat and all.

I learned a lot from this photo shoot about the type of photographer I want to be. I don’t want to be the photographer that portrays a family in a perfect position with everyone’s heads turned at the exact same angle, hands folded gently in their laps, with plastic smiles forced on their faces. That is not real! When have you ever seen a family look like that in real life? I would rather capture the essence of what makes a family unique and beautiful. I hope that I did this for the Porter family.

Love you guys!

Above: We started our shoot on a nice walk. The Porter’s are a very active family.

Below: This is Natalie. She brought her camera along and was my second shooter. She has great potential and would make an awesome photographer/creative director/model.

Below: Miss Lily knows how to work the camera. This girl is super smart and knows exactly what she wants. I love that.

Below: And this is sweet Everly. She is so easy going and has a gentle spirit.

Above: Kevin, Rebekah and Otis. This pose was directed by Natalie.

Above: Otis was such a good boy during the photo shoot.

Above: I love this one. Its a perfect example of the girls just being themselves.

Above and Below: Check out these models.

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September 19, 2010 - 11:02 pm

Jo - I love all the shots you got of the Porters. Such a sweet family!! Great job, Renee!

September 20, 2010 - 8:52 pm

Joseph - Loooove that first shot. Very creative.

Wasn’t this guy the doctor in “Twilight”?

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