The Big Reveal of Where We Are Moving

It’s 99.5% for sure. We don’t have paperwork yet. But we have been told that in August we will be moving to…


Crazy huh? We found out on Friday and I am still trying to wrap my brain around it.

I have mixed emotions for sure. We wanted to be stationed in Japan. We are excited about the opportunity to live abroad. But along with that comes hesitation and many reservations.

The most difficult part for us is being so far away from everyone we love. It hurts our hearts that we are making so many people so sad with this move. Grandparents are quite upset about the idea of us taking the kids so far away. We hate that part too. That thought brings tears to my eyes and makes me not want to go.

But we know that this move is bigger than the Air Force, ourselves and our own desires. Yes, we may have wanted to be in Japan, but we truly believe that God has orchestrated this. He wants us overseas for a reason. He has a plan and a purpose for sending us out. I believe He has be preparing us for a while. And even though fear does arise in my heart at times I am comforted by knowing that we are in the center of His will. And no matter what country that may take us to the center of His will is exactly where we want to be.

So expect many blog posts as we prepare for this big move. I plan to document and share all the craziness that goes along with moving a family of four across the world.

And we do need your help! We don’t know anyone who lives in Japan. So if you know anyone, military or civilian, that lives in Japan we would love to connect with them. I need people to talk to about everything there is to know about living in Japan and I would love to have connections with people before we get there. I’d really love to connect with some locals as well.  So please let a comment or email me if you know of someone that we could get in contact with over there. Or if you know someone who has lived there previously, I’d love to pick their brains too!

Thanks everyone! We are so thankful for this opportunity and excited for the adventure that lies ahead.


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