The Arnold Family: Abilene, Tx Portrait Photographer

What can I say, I love this family. This is my very best friend in the entire world. She is married to my dear cousin. Her two sweet girls, Isabell and Grace, call me Aunt Nay Nay. And my sweet nephew, baby O, will be here in July. I love them all so very much and photograph them any chance I can get. I just recently spent three weeks in Indiana and soaked up every minute I could with them. I actually didn’t even get to take their pictures until two days before I left. But I am so glad that I finally made them venture into this field with me, because I love the images we got.

Since I am moving to Japan in August this may be the last time I get to photograph them for a while. Sad. So I am going to take a minute to give each one of them a shout out.

To Isabell Jean~

You were my first baby! I remember the day you were born as vividly as I do my own children. I cherish that time in my heart more than you will ever know. I am so proud of the little lady you are becoming. You are strong-willed and know exactly what you want.  I love that about you. And one day your mommy will too. 🙂 Keep singing and dancing like no one is watching.  Your sweet spirit is contagious and you make everyone around you feel so loved. You are a beautiful daughter of the KING. Always know that our Lord has a plan and a purpose for your life. He loves you so very much and so do I.

To Grace Renee ~

I will start with saying that you are not a snob! You are a precious little girl who takes her time when letting people get close. That is ok. Just don’t be afraid to let your guard down a little bit when you get older. Your mom is like that too, but one day she can explain to you the great reward of taking risks. You are so very smart! And you will make good decisions when you are older. I love you so much more than you will every know and I pray for you daily. I pray that you will find favor in the Lord and break all stereo types that come with being the middle child. You don’t have to fit into any mold. God created you uniquely in HIS own image. There is only one Grace Renee. And you are so very special.

To baby O ~

Oh my goodness I can’t wait to kiss your cheeks. I love you so much already. I am so very excited for your mommy and daddy to have a little boy. You will rock their world in such a good way. My heart physically aches to know that I am going to be so far away from you while you are little. But know that I am thinking and praying for you always. Don’t be afraid when some crazy loud lady comes up to you and holds you close. That’s just your Aunt Nay Nay and soon enough you will learn that you just have to love me no matter how crazy I am. You will be warrior for the Lord. You are designed to carry His love and share it with the world. He has amazing plans for your life. Always remember that sweet boy.

To Timmy ~

Thank you for sharing your family with me! I am so proud of the husband and the daddy that you have become. Watching you with your kids is such a beautiful site. I love you so very much. I am so blessed to have you as my other brother and friend. Please take care of my bff while I am in Japan. And tell those babes that their Aunt Nay Nay loves them so much!

To Dawn ~

I am not sure if I can even get through this blog post without crying. But I want you to know how much I treasure our friendship. I am so blessed to have someone in my life who knows me inside and out. I still remember that summer at camp when I so badly wanted to have real relationships like you did with others. Relationships that were loving and accepting no matter what.  You give that to people. And I am thankful for that.

I am thankful that you invited me to church. My life would not be the same had you not done that.

Thank you for being my friend even though the cost is great. It’s difficult to stay invested in someone that you hardly ever see. But you’ve stuck it out and for that I will be forever grateful.

I love you and am so very thankful for your friendship.

Maybe one day we will get to live our dream of living in the same city and growing old on the front porch swing. One day!

Sisters!! HAHAHA.

Grace was totally over taking pictures. So Izzy decided to have her own little moment with the camera. She totally reminds me of her Aunt Nay Nay!

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