Project Hohoemi | Portraits and Raw Squid

The third day of shooting in Ishinomaki for Project Hohoemi was by far my favorite day. I had the privilege of shooting in people’s homes.  Due to rain or mobility issues some people were not able to come to us to get photos taken. So we went to them. I was welcomed in to their homes and treated as an honored guest. The  first family featured in this post were so unbelievably kind. After I took their photos they invited me to sit with them and began feeding me. And I ate everything they set in front of me. I was so humbled by their kindness that even raw squid was not going to deter me from being grateful for this experience and their hospitality.

Below: My sweet translator Jade being snuggled in the middle. She is spending a year in Ishinomaki to help the people in need.

The next family did not know we were coming. The mom of the family above insisted we go to a few more homes to take photos. Even though they were not expecting me they kindly accepted me into their home. My time with them was very brief so I did not get to hear their story or even learn how they are all related. But I snapped photos just the same.

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