Project Hohoemi | Assisted Living & Karaoke

For me day two of Project Hohoemi was spent at a kindergarten, photos coming soon, and an assisted living home. Many of the people living here are very capable of living on their own, but lost their homes in the 2011 tsunami. The director of the facility, pictured below on the far left, made things happen for us for sure. He told everyone that they were getting their photos taken and didn’t take no for an answer. But he did it in such a likable way that his assertiveness was almost hidden behind that smile. He used that same charming assertiveness on us after shooting when he demanded that we stay for coffee, snacks, and karaoke. And there was no shying away from singing. Again with the assertiveness.  It was so fun though. And I loved being able to smile with these wise people. I wish I had more time to sit and chat with them about their lives. So many great stories to be shared I am sure.

And here is a little behind the scenes action. Photos taken with my trusty Iphone

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