Project Hohoemi | A Survivor’s Story

While Megan Lacy (http://meganelacy NULL.html)photographed these beautiful kids…

I got to hear first hand a tsunami survivor’s story.

Tears were streaming down this grandmother’s face as she watched her grand-babies have their photos taken. She expressed that she was just so very grateful that they were both alive and healthy and here on this earth to even have their photos taken. Her grandson was three and in her carel when the tsunami hit. Thankfully they were able to evacuate to safety. Her daughter was eight months pregnant and working at the school when the alarms sounded. She too was able to avoid the storm. To this women, that day is still very very real. Even though I don’t speak Japanese I could understand the emotions that she was sharing with us as she told her story. And I was also blessed by the thankfulness she was expressing. Thankful for life. Thankful for protection. And thankful for the gift of her grandchildren. It was an honor to be able to listen to her and give her a hug. And even though taking family photos for survivors does not seem very impacting and life altering, after talking to this women I could tell that what we were doing during Project Hohoemi was touching their hearts.

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