Project 52:25-52 | Better Late Than Never

Deciding to participate in Project 52 was one of the best things I committed to in 2012. Project 52 is a photo challenge where you commit to taking a photo a week. I love this challenge because you can personalize it as much as you want. You can pick a theme or you can just choose to photograph your life as it happens. I chose the latter.  It made me take time out of my very very busy life and capture moments as they were happening. Some of my favorite photos from last year were taking because of Project 52.

I was doing well for the first part of the year to post a photo a week. And then life got crazy. We put our house on the market and relocated our little family to Japan. Blogging got put on the back burner. But photographing my family did not. So even though I did not blog all my Project 52 pictures week by week as they happened I still was taking them. This is what matters. I used my fancy camera more this year than I ever had thanks to Project 52. And even though these images are a little late I would still like to share them with you. You can see Weeks 1-24 here and even a few from 2011 (I did not complete the project in 2011). Below are weeks 25-52 and to be honest I didn’t take one photo a week. Some weeks had more. Some weeks didn’t have any. But these are the images I have chosen to represent 2012 for my family.

Project 52:25

My boy and I together.

He is my little shadow. And at times it can be tiring.

But I try to treasure every moment of it. Because I know one day he won’t want to be at my side 24/7.

Project 52:26

Every now and then I stop. Take a minute from crossing off my “to do” list and spend time in His presence.

I want this to be a norm for my children.

So I bring out several guitars. And while I poorly strum on mine they can bang on one too.

Make a joyful noise, right?

Project 52:27

He helps her. Her protects her.

She treasures him.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Project 52:28

She is starting to really shine.

Her personality is big. Really big.

And people say she is a lot like her mama.

We shall see.

Project 52:29

I love watching my mom and daughter together.

I know it brings my mom back. Back to days way before grand-babies. Days of being a young mother to two very young babes.

She was a great one. She still is.

All I learned about being a mom, I learned from her.

Project 52:30

Daughter’s sure do have a way of melting their daddy’s.

Project 52:31

Sharing is very important.

And often times messy.

Project 52:32

Happy 2nd birthday to my little man.

Cake icing was meant to be shared.

Project 52:33

Sweet people who invested in us. Loved us. Changed us forever.

The very reason living Abilene was so difficult.

Project 52:34

Moving day is approaching. Lots of things to do.

But exploring is at the top of our list.

Project 52: 35

Saying goodbye to our first home.

Five wonderful years, two sweet children, and amazing memories later.

This place will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Project 52:36

Two weeks at home in Indiana = major spoiling by the grandparents.

Project 52:37

Enjoying quality time with loved ones.

Treasuring every moment of it.

Project 52: 38

The time has come to make the big journey across the world.

Leaving those we love behind is tough.

But we know we are headed where we are suppose to be.

Project 52:39

Such a transition this year has been.

But now is the time to settle in and make this new place our home.

Project 52: 40

After weeks without our things the movers finally come.

Of course they come when the husband is TDY.

AHHH the life of a military spouse.

Time to such it up and unpack.
Project 52:41

Little ones adapt so well.

They just roll with the punches.

I learn a lot from them.

Project 52:42

Sometimes you just need to jump on the bed.

Project 52:43

Happy 1st Birthday Sawyer Faye

We are so very blessed to have you in our lives. You bring us so much joy. And laughter.

Seriously, you crack us up. Thanks for being our comic relief.

Project 52:44

Growing up before my very eyes.

Slow down baby. PLEASE!

Project 52:45

Life is not easy with two babes that are 14 months apart.

But it is so worth it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Project 52:46

My favorite photo of my boy at this age.

Taken with my Iphone.

He enjoys being in front of the camera. And this makes my heart smile.

Project 52:47

Exploring Japan.

Taking it all in.

Not letting the language barrier hold us back.

Project 52:48

Happy Thanksgiving.

Making bread together.

Project 52:49

Just hanging out with my girl one morning and happened to catch this image.

So glad I leave my camera out and always at arms length.

Project 52:50

Starting traditions.

Making a birthday cake for Jesus.

So glad we did. Looking forward to doing it every year.

Love hearing my kids sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on days other than Christmas now. So sweet.

Project 52:51

A bitter sweet Christmas for us.

Thousands of miles away from family.

Together. In our own home. Watching the joy that comes with giving.

Project 52:52

Still can’t believe we live in JAPAN!!

And that’s my Project 52 for 2012. Completed. Late, but completed. And I am thankful to have these images.

Did you do a Project 52 last year? Are you considering doing a Project 52 this year? Comment and let me know if you are. I’d love to see your images that you take this year.

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January 14, 2013 - 11:06 pm

Melissa - As a tear trickled down my cheek I felt proud to have a wonderful daughter that was willing to share her life with everyone back home. I loved loved project 52. So many happy memories are captured in these photos. My how life continues to move forward and you don’t even realize how fast. I love seeing my beautiful daughter and son-in-law. And we all know that my grandbabies are amazing, Love you melissa

January 14, 2013 - 11:07 pm

Melissa - . I loved loved project 52. So many happy memories are captured in these photos. My how life continues to move forward and you don’t even realize how fast. I love seeing my beautiful daughter and son-in-law. And we all know that my grandbabies are amazing, Love you melissa

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