Project 52:24 | Big Boy

Project 52:24

I was hesitant to make this change.

Partial because I was’t sure he was ready.

Mostly because I was not ready.

But he could not have been more excited about his BIG BOY BED.

My baby is not a baby anymore.

We went back and forth trying to decide when was best to make this HUGE transition. Do we do it now, or wait until we get to Japan. I really didn’t think he was ready. I figured he was too young to even get excited about having a big boy bed. Man, was I wrong. While Andy was taking off the front of his crib Eli just kept yelling, “daddy take it off.” He still says it almost two weeks later. As soon as that rail came off Eli immediately climb in and starting jumping. The first night he even asked to go to bed. Craziness!

He has done so well with this transition. The first week he never got out of it. The past few weeks he has been climbing out and just exploring his room (I can see him on the video monitor). But he always climbs back in his bed and goes to sleep. I am so very proud of him for how well he is doing. Just a little sad when I walk in his room and no longer see a crib.

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