Tokyo Family Photographer | Brittany & Matt

Fall family sessions in Japan are so lovely. The leaves here are really stunning and honestly photos do not do them justice.  They do make for a lovely background for a portrait session. I wish this season lasted longer, don’t you?

This was the first session this year where I was able to capture the fall colors. It was great to work with these three with such lovely backdrops. And their sweet little boy, he is just adorable. I can not get over those blue eyes and that one dimple. Ahhh. So sweet. Scroll down to see for yourself.

Tokyo Family Photographer |Micah & Jesse

I just have to say this. I am blessed with the most amazing clients. Seriously. They are always so kind and genuine and fun. And these three were that and beyond. They had such great attitudes during their family photo shoot and even braved the rain. Rock stars. And let’s take a minute to talk about that sweet baby girl. How cute is she? So much cuteness in her little body.

It was an honor to walk around Fussa, Japan and photograph this lovely family. Can we do it again tomorrow please? Because I totally would!

Tokyo Family Photographer | The Kever Family

Often times I photograph families in Japanese parks, so when this mama wanted a family session with an urban look I was beyond excited. It is fun trying new things. Keeps it fresh for me.  Instead of going in to Tokyo we kept it local and photographed in Fussa, which is just outside the gates of Yokota Air Base.  Merri wanted everyday elements of Japan in her session. So we embraced all the signs and wires and bikes that we could for a real Japanese feel. I hope these photos will always remind this sweet family of their time in Japan.


eKever Family Photos -61

November 17, 2015 - 7:10 am

Andrew Kever - Really great work Renee…thank you so much!

January 11, 2016 - 10:15 pm

Leah M. ROACH - These are fantasticpictures. Of a beautiful family taken in a country I fell in love with a few or more years back

Shichi-Go-San 七五三 | Tokyo Family Photographer

Every November in Japan families celebrate Shich-Go-San 七五三  (literally meaning ‘7-5-3’). This is a traditional rite of passage for children ages seven, five, and three. It is common to see little girls dressed in kimonos and boys in haori jackets and hakama pants at their local shrines. This session was to celebrate sweet Sophie (age 3). Many members of her family joined us at this lovely restaurant/tea gardern for her special day.
This family has become very dear to my heart during my time in Japan. There first session with me in 2013 is one of my favorite sessions I have ever done. They are just so easy to work with and fun to be around. I am very thankful for these amazing people and the blessing they have been to my life.  I love it when clients become friends and that is definitely the case with this family. It has been an honor getting to know them and photographing their lovely family. 

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Tokyo Couples Photographer

When Tokyo Tower is within walking distance from your home I think you must include it in your photo session. These two had a specific vision for their shoot, to capture their favorite and everyday parts of Tokyo. These city dwellers have their favorite spots so that is where we photographed for this Tokyo Signature Session. It was a blast working with them. I hope these photos will always remind them of their time in Japan.

Tokyo Family Photographer | Natalie & Sam

Some Tokyo sessions I do are at the big tourist locations. Those are fun and yield iconic images. Like this session here. And this one. Others have a more intimate feel and allow me to really capture the essence of a family while Tokyo just becomes the backdrop. I love shooting both looks for clients.

Shooting in Shinjuku, Tokyo with this family was such a dream. Nat and Sam are from Australia but have called Japan hope for six years now. They wanted family photos in the city that would capture both the urban essence of Japan as well as some of the more traditional elements. One of the great things about Tokyo is that you can find both just a few feet from each other.

It was an honor working with these two and their precious son. And I absolutely love the relaxed feel we created!

Click here if you would like to know more about my Tokyo Signature Session.

If you are interested in having your family’s portraits taking in Tokyo I would be honored to do so. Just click the “contact” button at the top of the website and we can make that happen!

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