One Year Photo Shoot | Abilene, TX Child Photographer

This session is very dear to my heart. If you are new around here this is my son Eli, who will be one on Friday. {TEAR}. Wow. I can’t believe it has almost been a year since that amazing day that I became a mom. {ANOTHER TEAR}.

Ok. Let me pull myself together. WHEW. Ok. I’m better.

A week or so ago my husband and I set out to take some photos of Eli for his birthday invitations. It is hot in Texas so we started our shoot at 8:30 am and ended by 8:50 am. That is all my boys could stand.  I convinced my husband to tag along so I could get some photos of them together. And I am so glad that he agreed. So not only did I get to snap photos of my almost one year old son, but I also got some great images of both my men together!

Hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

Above: Eli loves his toy camera.

Above: I quickly realized that Eli was going to be easily distracted by anything and everything during this shoot.

Above: Left picture is Eli’s model face. Right picture is him trying to sneak a rock into his mouth.

Above: I bought this book for Andy as a present for his High School graduation many many years ago. Love that he is now reading it with our son!

Below: The picture on the right is Eli using “the force”. If he wants something he does this until we hand him the item he wants. I guess Eli’s powers really work. Ha!

Below: And here is Eli’s bday invitation that I made.

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July 19, 2011 - 9:41 pm

Susie - Renee these are AMAZING pictures! I love them!! I especially love the personal props…camera, book and George!

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