My Favorite Blogs and Websites

I love to learn. And I think one of the best ways is to learn from other people and their personal experiences.  This is one reason why I am blog reader.  I love blogs that share information and ideas. I love blogs where people get personal and hold nothing back. That is the type of blogger I want to be.

I go through stages in my blog reading. Currently I am reading a lot about business. That’s just where I am in my life and the type of information I am hungry for. I also follow a few other photographers as well as read blogs about fitness and of course baby things. There is a wealth of information out there, if you know where to look. So I thought I would share with all of you my favorite blogs and websites. And I hope in return you will share your favorite blogs and websites as well! I am currently searching for a good spiritual blog. Perhaps a blog that shares a devotion each day. Or a blog that focuses on cultivating the gifts of the Spirit. If you know of one please please share by leaving the address in the comment section below.

Ok. Now let’s get to it. MY FAVORITE BLOGS AND WEBSITES.

Davina Fear’s Women in Business Series (http://davina NULL.squarespace

Davina is a portrait and wedding photographer with a great blog. My favorite thing about her blog is her Women in Business series. Every Tuesday she interviews a successful business women and asks her all types of questions about how she started her business to how she balances work, play, and family. It’s very informative and relative to anyone who owns their own business or works and has a family.

She also does a series called Move It Monday which shares her experiences with losing weight and tries to motivate readers to move. All around good stuff!

Fitori fitness blog (http://fitoriblog

My dear dear friend Tori’s blog is amazing!!!!! She is currently working on all types of certifications to be a personal trainer. Her blog contains a wealth of information on nutrition, fitness, fertility, inspiration, and much more. I know this girl. And I know how hard she researches a topic once she decides she wants to know about it. She reads and reads and reads. And then she shares what she has discovered on her blog. I LOVE THAT. Seriously, if I have any questions about nutrition or exercise I call this girl.  Well, if i have questions about anything I call this girl. Because if she doesn’t have the answer I know she will look for me until she does. Her blog is awesome and I know she is going to go far in the fitness world for sure. Please check her site out.

Styleberry Photo (http://styleberryblog

Shawna, the author of this blog, is an amazing writer, photographer, designer, mother…seriously she can do it all and she shares it all on her blog. I read her blog every time she posts. Some topics she posts about often are designing projects, recipes, and tons of information about products for moms. I love her posts about making your own baby food and about cloth diapering. One of the great things about Shawna is that she listens. If you have a topic you want her to blog about she will research, prepare and write an awesome post that will knock your socks off. And her blog is just so pretty and easy to navigate. Her blog should be a daily read for sure.

The Marketing Guy (http://www NULL.themarketingspotblog

Talk about giving away information. This blog does just that. I follow the Marketing Guy on twitter and each time he tweets he has great information to share. He gives simple, but useful tips on how to market yourself and your business.

Creative Live (http://creativelive

Chase Jarvis is the mastermind behind Creative Live. Chase fully believes in the concept of giving back and sharing information and that is the foundation of his website. Basically he finds an expert in any given topic and has them share information on the web for free. The site hosts webinars that are free if you watch them live. If you are not able to watch them live then the videos are sold for a small fee. I have actually watched several of his seminars live and even purchased some as well. Some topics that are found on Creative Live include design, fine arts, photography, video, and technology.  I once watched a very famous photographer, Jasmine Star, shoot a wedding live on Creative Live. It is so helpful to actually watch another photographer in action. Seriously you have got to check this site out because my description is not doing it justice.

Jasmine Star (http://www NULL.jasminestarblog

Jasmine is one of the top wedding photographers in the US who built a very successful business in just 4 years.  She is inspirational. Her blog is super unique in style. And I love that she shares photography tips with her readings. She is awesome. Real. Authentic. Love her.

The Joy of Marketing (http://www NULL.thejoyofmarketing

Great resource for marketing ideas and products to purchase. Sarah often does free webinars as well that are very educational for any business owner.

Grey Photography (http://www NULL.grayphotograph

I just recently found this blog and love it. The authors are a husband and wife photography team based in Nashville, Tn. They post photography tricks and tips every Tuesday. So I for sure read their blog every Tuesday!

Baby Center (http://community NULL.babycenter

When I have a question related to my 4 month old I refer to this site and the forums. Really helpful.

Inspire Me Baby (http://inspiremebaby

This is another photography site that shares information.  I am currently working on an article about Senior Reps that I plan to summit to this blog for publication.  Lots of photographers write for this blog and share their thoughts, tips, and tricks.

Young House Love (http://www NULL.younghouselove

I have to admit that I don’t follow this blog as much as I use to. But it’s a great blog about fixing up your house. Lots of DIY projects. And their personal story of how they became professional bloggers is pretty neat.

The Sartorialist (http://thesartorialist NULL.blogspot

This blog is super cool. Most posts are just pictures of everyday people walking down the street in a big city. The author just finds well dressed people and snaps their picture. Very editorial in style. Love the fashion side of the photography. Great for wardrobe ideas. As well as photography concepts.

Mamatography (http://www NULL.mamatographyworkshop

This site is actually a forum for moms who want to learn how to take better images of their children. For a one time fee you can become a member and get personal photography advice from professional photographers on how to make your images better. I love it because it’s interactive. Have a question about your camera, need suggestions about shooting inside, or want to know what others think about your images? Well it can all be done on this site. Post your questions on the forum and see what others have to say. I know they creator of this forum. She is an amazing mom and photographer and understands the importance of taking good snap shots of your sweet children. You should be a member. I AM!

There are other blogs and websites that I check from time to time. But these are my current favs. Please check them out and let me know what you think. And leave a comment to share some of your favorite sites with me and all the other readers.

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December 7, 2010 - 2:25 pm

shawna [of styleberryBLOG] (http://www NULL.styleberryblog - thank you for featuring me! you are the sweetest!! :):):)

December 7, 2010 - 6:58 pm

Tori (http://FIToriBLOG - I am sooo honored to be #2 on the list!!! Honored! Thanks so much friend. You are the kindest! I am truly thankful for our friendship!
What a great idea for a post, too! I may steal this idea!
I am soo behind in blog reading! Maybe I should skip the library and getting a new novel and catch up on my blogs!!

December 7, 2010 - 9:04 pm

davina (http://davina NULL.squarespace - Renee, Thanks so much for featuring me and for the wonderful things you said. I so appreciate it! What a great surprise. 🙂

December 8, 2010 - 2:05 am

Gray Photography - Zach & Jody (http://www NULL.grayphotograph - Thanks for the shoutout and the love. In regards to daily spiritual blogs – check this one out – LOVE it! It’s written by women for women and it’s awesome!!!!! (http://devotions NULL.proverbs31 Thanks again, 🙂 – J

December 8, 2010 - 10:55 am

shari (http://www NULL.shairhensonphoto - thanks, renee! check out (http://www NULL.ohdeedoh! it’s my favorite for kids crafts, furniture ideas, and birthday party themes!

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