Israel 2010: Day 4

Today we had the privilege of participating in the Sabbath services with our brothers and sisters of Tents of Mercy. The service was entirely in Hebrew. We sang in Hebrew and then listened to the translator on our own personal headsets. Personally I believe that  there is something eternally significant about coming together and worshiping in unity with people from all over the world. I believe it is a powerful thing andgives me a glimpse of heaven. It was a joyous celebration today and I know the entire team felt the same way. Below are some thoughts from some of my fellow team members. I hope to try and get more testimonies from other team members during this trip so you are not always hearing things just from my perspective.

Ben Johnson- “Often times during services at Beltway we are asked how many Christian churches are in Abilene. We always answer ONE!  We experienced Unity in the body of Christ today.  There were Russians, Jews, Germans, Americans, Ethiopians, and Canadians (maybe more) worshipping together in different languages to the same Yeshua with the same voice singing the same songs of praise.  I felt God ask me “how many Christian churches are there in the world?”  I wanted to answer loudly ONE!  God intends for there to be unity in the body of Christ, just different parts with different functions.  I was blessed at participating as one body but was also convicted to be an even more unified body of Christ throughout the world. “

Ashlee Johnson – “How powerful it was to worship with our Jewish brothers and sisters in God’s Promised Land.  As we prayed with our Jewish friends, it was amazing to plead on their behalf for God to continue to fulfill His covenant with them.  We also got to observe a bat mitzvah during the service.  The young girl read from the Torah and then explained what it meant to her.  She was presented to the congregation, and then recieved a blessing from the leadership of the church.  After the service, we were invited to the celebration and enjoyed pita sandwiches and punch.  The entire day was a blessing and I look forward to many more eye opening experiences! “

 After service some team members spent the afternoon in the old city of Akko. I remained at the hotel to rest because I am experiencing some serious sinus issues. However, my dear friend Ashlee graciously gave me some of her images to share with you. The team spent some time praying and worshiping in the old city and then walked around to look at some of the sites.  So allow me to share some of Ashlee’s images with you. I hope to start feeling better so I can make sure to take images of all your loved ones. So keep coming back because this trip is just getting started!

Day 5 will be spent visiting several different sites. I am actually not 100% sure what to expect. I know that we are headed to the Galilee area and have several stops planned. Come back tomorrow to see what exactly we did and the places we visited.

Pray Requests

1. Please continue to pray for God’s will to be done while we are here.

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March 14, 2010 - 10:54 am

Mandi Morris - CUSICK’S- this is from your kiddos:
We hope you have fun,safe,and blessed trip as you walk in the path of our lord. Love the Cusick kiddos! <3

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