Israel 2010: Day 3

Shalom from Israel! I am sitting in my hotel room in Akko, Israel. It is 5am on Friday in Israel thus 9pm Thursday night in Texas. Yesterday was a very long travel day for our team. We drove to Dallas on Thursday morning and flew to Newark. From there we took a 10 hour flight to Tel Aviv. Once we got all our luggage, journeyed through customs, and loaded the bus we then drove for 2 hours to Akko. We finally made it to our hotel in Akko where pastor David gave us a friendly greeting. It was so nice to finally unload and stretch out in a space larger than an airplane or bus seat.

Praise God that all went smoothly as we traveled to the Holy Land.  The team is getting to know each other better and is excited for the adventures that lay ahead of us. Today we are meeting at 8:10am to spend the day in Akko with the members of Tents of Mercy.  We do not really know what to expect. Our itinerary just says “mission opportunity with Tents of Mercy.” So check back later to see what that actually entails.

On a personal note, I am feeling very well. Just tired. Traveling  5 months pregnant does have some challenges, but I am managing just fine. Everyone has been so sweet to check on me often to make sure that I am ok. I even was blessed to be seated by an amazing gentlemen name Jim who gave me his aisle seat so I would have easier access to the bathroom. That was a great sacrafice to give up his aisle seat on a 10 hour flight. I am very grateful to Jim for his graciousness. I did manage to sleep quite a bit on the flight. Only downside is that my feet and ankles did swell quite a bit. So I am trying to keep my feet up so they can return to normal size. Please pray that they do so rather quickly!

Our team does appreciate all your prayers while we are here in Israel. Below are some pray requests for today as well as some images from our travel day.  Thank so much for partnering with us!

Prayer requests:

1. Pray that the team experiences super natural energy today as we adjust to the time change.

2. Pray that we can bless the socks off of the members of Tents of Mercy. We desire to enourage them and to develop enternal realtionships with these amazing people.

3. Pray for good health. Traveling so far can be hard on the body.

4. Pray that the Lord will pour His spirit down on each team member during this trip and that each person would experience His presence in a fresh way.

Thanks for praying. Blessings on you and your family.

Above: First of many bus trips.

Above: Checking in at DFW.

Below: Team members killing time in the airport.

Above: We met several other couples headed to Israel with other teams.

Above: Gathering our luggage in Israel.

Below: MY hero who gave me his seat.


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March 15, 2010 - 9:20 am

Carly - 2nd picture the guy looking at the camera is my Pastor at New Hope. Just thought i would let you know 🙂

March 15, 2010 - 12:25 pm

Amy Becker - Your hero is my father-in-law. I am married to Adam, his son, and he has a 17 month old granddaughter, Audrey. Tell him that Audrey can’t wait to hide the ball in his tummy…he’ll know what that means. Be safe!!

March 16, 2010 - 1:26 pm

Phyllis Thompson - Doyle and Marilyn Reeves are friends of mine on this trip. I have seen one picture of them from a distance. If you have a chance, it would be nice to see some pictures of them.

It is great to get to read your blog and see the pictures.

Hope you are feeling well today.

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