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I’m kinda obsessed with information sharing. I love finding something cool, amazing, and/or helpful and sharing it with everyone I know who might benefit from the find. And I equally love it when people share their great finds with me. So I decided to start a regular Friday blog post that is totally dedicated to sharing great finds. The concept is very simple. I find something that I think is fun, helpful, informative, or useful and I share it with you.  Easy enough.

Today’s Fun Find is a book I found online. This year I have set many goals that are centered around organizing and de-cluttering my home.  This is one of the tools I am using as a guide.

I found this book on a blog I follow called Simple Mom (http://simplemom I really like her philosophies and find her very helpful. Click her to find this book and see her site.  (http://simplemom

I love it that you can even buy this book for your IPHONE, IPAD, or Kindle which is perfect for those trying to de-clutter.

I also like her second book which consists of 52 projects to help you live a more simple life. The book is filled with a variety of topics such as streamlining your receipt system, organizing your files, starting a garden, saying no, and so much more. It has step by step instructions for each project. It’s really a great starting point for simplifying your life. I highly recommend it too!

Do you have a system or tool you are using this year to better organize your home? I’d love it if you would share it with us and let us know how it is working for you! I am so excited about having a more organized home and getting rid of things we don’t use any more. I am also very excited about the venture to live a more simple life so I can spend more time on the things that truly matter. Hope you find today’s Fun Finds helpful.

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