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I love to learn. I find it very important to continue to develop my craft of photography and learn all that I can. I would love to be able to attend an amazing convention or workshop every year to do just that, but right now my life isn’t conducive for that. I can’t live my family for a week to learn from an amazing photographer. But I can find a few hours to watch a educational video from the comfort and convince of my home office. That is why I love Creative Live! (http://www NULL.creativelive

It is a website that is basically an online classroom.  They have education videos on all kinds of different topics such as photography, Photoshop, web design, even pumpkin carving that you can purchase and watch at any time you want. You can also watch a class for free if you are able to watch it live. It is seriously an amazing resource. I just recently purchased the course on IPhone Photography and have found it very informative. I love that I can watch a video on my IPhone while I cook dinner or fold laundry. I highly suggest you take a look at their course catalog (http://www NULL.creativelive to see all that they offer. And if you “like” their FACEBOOK (http://www NULL.facebook page you will be able to see when new classes start and be able to register to watch them live for free. It’s seriously a cool site so you better check it out!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you found this Fun Find helpful. And if you know of any other educational resources out there like this please share them in the comment section!

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