Full Session vs Mini Session Events

What session is right for you? Read below to help you decide between the Signature Session or the Mini Session Event.

What are your sessions like?

Signature Sessions are designed to best capture your family; the dynamic, the personalities, and the relationships. We work together to plan the perfect session just for you. The atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable. This allows me to capture images that are posed as well as candid shots that really represent your family.

The Mini Session Event is quick and simple. It is great for babies who may not sit long for photos or for parents with busy schedules. If you only need a few good photos of the entire family together then this is a great session for you.

How many images will I receive?

Signature Sessions yield 30-50 images. Images include photos of the entire family, kids individually, kids together, parents alone, each parent with each child, and any other combination we can come up with.

The Mini Session Event includes 5-10 images of the entire family together. No individual photos will be taken.

How long is the photo shoot?

Signature Sessions range from 1 hour to a max of 2 hours. They are relaxed and allow time for kids to play and take breaks. The time frame allows us to shoot at multiple locations AND allows an outfit change if you so desire.

The Mini Session Event is a 15 minute shoot. It is quick and fun. We get what you need without a large time commitment. It is perfect for families just want an updated family photo.

Where will the shoot take place?

Full sessions are in the location(s) of your choice which can include a grassy field, downtown Montgomery or Prattville, or a creek bed. We will work together to plan the look you want for your photos.

The Mini Session Event will be at a specific location chosen by the photographer and will be released after the session is booked. A location that can accommodate parking for multiple families is important because there are many sessions taking place back to back during these events.

When is the photo shoot?

Signature Sessions can be on the day that is most convenient for you. I offer both weekday and Saturday shoots. My most preferred time to shoot is two hours before sunset.

The Mini Session Event is held only once a year in the fall, typically a Saturday in October. If I have enough interest I may host two events and shoot on two Saturdays in October. This just depends on demand. You will receive a 15 minute time slot which will either be morning or late afternoon.

* Want to host a Mini Session Event?

If you can find four families who are interested in a mini session you can host a Mini Session Event and pick the date yourself. Event hosts receive $100 off their shoot. Email me if you are interested in this for more details.

How much is the shoot?

Signature Sessions are $400 plus tax. Newborn shoots are priced differently. Click here for more details.

The Mini Session Event is $200 plus tax.  Four families must be scheduled for the event in order for the shoot to take place.

How to book a shoot?

For both the Signature Session and The Mini Session Event send an email to reneebooephotography@gmail.com for availability and to book your photo shoot.



Examples of images from a Mini Session Event


Examples of images from a Full Session

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