Four Generation Mini Photo Shoot

I remember going to the portrait studio to get this picture taken way back in the day. And even though I am not proud of my feathered hair I am truly thankful that I have this memory of my great-grandma, grandma, and mom.

While I was in Indiana recently, my mom was very adamant that we take another four generation photo that included my daughter. I am so glad she was persistent because now Sawyer will have these images to cherish just like I do. I guess sometimes moms do know that they are talking about. WINK WINK**

Above: My grandma, Faye Arnold.  Mom, Melissa Faye Scott. Daughter, Sawyer Faye Booe. And myself, Melissa-Renee Sue Booe.

These were taking in front of my grandparents home in Indian. This is the house where my mom grew up.

Just a note, my grandma is blind which is why she never looks directly into the camera. It was really funny trying to get both her and Sawyer to look at the camera at the same time. I will say we had a good time taking these pictures. Thanks aunt Patty for being our photog.

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