Father and Son

When I was pregnant Andy and I had a little agreement. We didn’t want to refer to our growing baby as “it.” So I referred to the baby as “he” and Andy referred the baby as “she.” So for nine months I constantly heard Andy talk to our unborn baby as she. Everyday he would ask me “how’s she doing?”  I would answer,” He is doing fine.” Ha. It may seem silly, but it worked for us.  Even though we played this little game I strongly believed that the baby I was carrying was a boy. I was not surprised at all the moment he arrived and the dr. announced he was a boy. Andy on the other hand was very surprised. For the first few days he just kept saying to Eli, “I can’t believe you are a boy!” Well now that the shock has worn off I know that Andy is very happy to have a son. They are so precious together. The bond between father and son is so special and I look forward to watching their relationship unfold as our boy grows. I love both my handsome men so much! I praise God everyday for both of them.

Above: We had to start the photo session with his plugger. Just to keep him calm. He loves that thing!

Above: I love how Andy is smiling at Elijah.

Below: Love this lips.

Above: Elijah has a tight grip on his daddy’s finger.


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August 7, 2010 - 4:19 pm

shawna (http://www NULL.styleberryblog NULL.com) - AAH! That fourth image deserves to be GIANT & stand prominently in your home! Sososososo sweet! You just fall in love with your husband all over again and in a totally different way, huh?

August 9, 2010 - 9:59 pm

MELISSA - I could look at these handsome guys all the time…love the new pictures of them together. there is not a part on Elijah”s little body that is not just adorable.

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