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Israel: Day 12

Today we will be spending lots of time in Jerusalem. I really never dreamed that I would be saying that. I love toView full post »

Israel: Day 11

Thank so much for praying for this mission trip. I am thankful that God is working in the lives of people in Israel andView full post »

Israel: Day 10

OH MY WORD I AM SO EXCITED!   I have been waiting for this day for eight months. Today we are headed to Capernaum andView full post »

Israel: Day 9

Hello everyone. Thanks so much for praying during this trip. It has been amazing! We are super excited to be able toView full post »

Israel: Day 8

Now that camp is over we will begin to tour the land. We are all looking forward to visiting the sites of our bible, butView full post »

Israel: Day 7

Today is our last day of camp. Our theme is “Yeshua knows MY name.” It saddens me how many people don’View full post »

Shalom from Israel

Hello everyone! I just wanted to give you a quick update about my trip. It has been an amazing experience so far.  CampView full post »

Israel: Day 6

Wednesday is here and today’s theme is “Following God’s Direction.” I think this theme touchesView full post »

Israel: Day 5

Second day at camp is under way. Today our theme is ” Yeshua is our Healer.” What an awesome message toView full post »

Israel: Day 4

Happy Monday! Today is the first day of camp. How exciting! Kids will be coming to hear about the good news of Yeshua.View full post »

Israel: Day 3

Sunday will be a day of preparation for us. We will be getting to know each other better as well as meeting members fromView full post »

Israel: Day 2

Today the plan is to arrive in Tel Aviv, Israel. Then we are going to visit Joppa and have dinner. We will then go toView full post »

Israel: Day 1

Today we are meeting at church and heading to the Dallas Airport. Our entire day will be filled with travel. Please prayView full post »

Pray for Israel: We need you!

Dear Friends, As most of you know I am leaving tomorrow on a mission trip with Beltway Park Baptist Church. A group ofView full post »

Contest Winner!

Thanks again all who participated in my most recent contest. It was tough to guess which picture was taken with whichView full post »