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Project 52:14 | Big Steps

Project 52:14 | Big Steps It was a last minute decision. He was all for it. No hesitation. No tears. Just a kiss and aView full post »

Not Ready to Say Goodbye

For the past month or so I haven’t been able to hold back the tears during worship at church. I’m notView full post »

Eli’s Monthly Photos

Because I also use this blog document my personal life I wanted to update Eli’s monthly photos from his first yearView full post »

Sawyer’s Four, Five, and Six Month Updates

I am way way behind in blogging Sawyer Faye’s monthly updates. I am still taking the photos on time. Just gettingView full post »

Project 52:13 {Again}

Project 52:13 {Again} Once is never enough. As soon as he comes down he immediately says, “again!” And it&#View full post »

Project 52:12 {Footsteps}

Project 52:12 | Footsteps They follow our every move. Literally. Babies constantly under my feet. But its more than thatView full post »

Project 52:11 {Making Traditions}

Project 52:11 | Making Traditions Sweet sounds on the monitor in the a.m. “Mama, mama?” Sawyer and I walk inView full post »

Project 52:10 | Realtor Reality

Project 52:10 | Realtor Reality It has started. This process to sell the place we call home. And even though we areView full post »

Project 52:9 | Daughter

Project 52:9 | Daughter She melts my heart when she smiles. She truly is a gift from God. I love being her mom. I amView full post »

The Big Reveal of Where We Are Moving

It’s 99.5% for sure. We don’t have paperwork yet. But we have been told that in August we will be moving toView full post »

Project 52:8 | Hero

Project 52:8 | Hero They already know that he will do anything for them. They already trust him completely. With himView full post »

Project 52:7 | Educational

Project 52:7 | Educational We are in a season of learning. Every moment is a teachable moment. And the parents are notView full post »

Project 52:6 | Moments

Project 52:6 | Moments There are times in your life when everything must stop. When nothing matters but that very momentView full post »

Project 52:5 | Accidents

Project 53:5 | Accidents With all the toddling going on these days our life is bound to be filled with accidents. I wasView full post »

Project 52:4 | Candid

Project 53:4| Candid One photo, with two smiling kids? Never going to happen. Guess we will just have to keep thingsView full post »