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Four Generation Mini Photo Shoot

I remember going to the portrait studio to get this picture taken way back in the day. And even though I am not proud ofView full post »

Project 52:24 | Priorities

Project 52:25 | Priorities I want them to know that I was there when they were young. Involved and engaged. That I hadView full post »

Project 52:23 | Like Daddy

Project 52:23 | Just Like Daddy He loves cars, motorcycles, and airplanes. He likes things to be in their place. HeView full post »

Project 52:22 | Besties

Project 52:22 | Besties We get each other. No need for words. Or daily contact. It just works. Because it’sView full post »

Traumatic Photo Shoot

Everything about this session was a bust. Missed focus, uncooperative kids, frustrated mama, stressed out dad. AfterView full post »

Sawyer’s Eight Month Update

Running behind on posting things to the blog. But the pictures were done on time! Love this sweet baby more and moreView full post »

Project 52:21 | Milestones

Project 52:21 | Milestones Observant. Inquisitive. Motivated. Determined. That is my daughter. Standing, accomplishedView full post »

Project 52:20 | Cheese

Project 52:20 | Cheese They watch everything we do. And then the copy it. Can you guess what I often do? This momentView full post »

Project 52:19 | Blessed

Project 52:19 | Blessed Everyday I look at them and feel so thankful. I am in awe of them. They have filled my life withView full post »

Project 52:18 | Quarantine

Project52:18 | Quarantine Poor babes caught a bad virus Nothing to make it go away but time Stuck inside but spirits areView full post »

Project 52:17 | Transition

Project 52:17 | Transition We are in the middle of it. So much to be done. So many boxes to check. Moving across theView full post »

Kelsey Tutt | Abilene, TX Senior Portrait Photographer

Kelsey is a senior at Jim Ned High School. She is the second Jim Ned senior that I have had the honor of photographingView full post »

Project 52:16 | Playmates

Project 52:16 | Playmates It’s already begun. They prefer to be together. She watches his every move. He justView full post »

Project 52:15 | The Never Ending Task

Project 52:15 | The Never Ending Task I spend hours here everyday. Dishes seem to be always calling my name. NeedingView full post »