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This weekend Andy and I went to visit some very dear friends of ours in Louisiana. I will blog about our time there thisView full post »

Esmi and Bryan

I have the pleasure of working with both Bryan and Esmi at Coooper High School. They are both teachers, which I ofView full post »

Preview: A fun couple

I am headed out the door, but I wanted t give you a quick preview from a session I had this afternoon. More to come fromView full post »

Jay & Julie

Jay and Julie are very good friends of ours. I met them about one month after I “joined” the Air Force.  View full post »

Preview: Jay and Julie

This was the second time photographing my dear friends Jay and Julie. They are great people and a blessing to my husbandView full post »

Donny & Rachel

While I was on vacation in Florida I had the opportunity to do a photo session with my good friend Donny and his wifeView full post »

Preview: Donny & Rachel

 I wish that I could sit in front of my computer and edit all day long. But I need to be a responsible wife and do aView full post »

Rachel and Broc

Rachel and Broc are dear friends of mine. I have known them for years and this was my first time photographing them.View full post »

Florida Vacation

Last week Andy and I went on vacation in Florida with some dear friends of ours. Actually these people have been myView full post »