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Adventures in Japan: Kyoto with the Big Gun

Look!!! A personal blog post about our life in Japan. It’s been a while right! I’ve been using InstagramView full post »

Project Hohoemi | The Straker Family

This family!!!! They are amazing!!! I am so so so so so glad I was able to meet them. I feel like Michiko and I wereView full post »

Project Hohoemi | A Survivor’s Story

While Megan Lacy (http://meganelacy NULL.html)photographed these beautiful kids… I got to hearView full post »

Project Hohoemi | Just Say “No” To Public Displays of Affection

I learned a great deal about the Japanese culture during this photo mission trip to Ishinomaki. I knew before going thatView full post »

Project Hohoemi | Portraits and Raw Squid

The third day of shooting in Ishinomaki for Project Hohoemi was by far my favorite day. I had the privilege of shootingView full post »

Project Hohoemi | Assisted Living & Karaoke

For me day two of Project Hohoemi was spent at a kindergarten, photos coming soon, and an assisted living home. Many ofView full post »

Project Hohoemi | Sweet Sisters

The second day of Project Hohoemi was spent photographing sweet families. These precious girls and their beautiful momView full post »

Project Hohoemi | Fashionable Babes

These two adorable babes dress way better than I do that is for sure! I loved photographing them and I think their mamaView full post »

Project Hohoemi | The Nazomi Project

During our first day in Ishinomaki we had the privilege of meeting some of the women behind the Nazomi Projec (http://View full post »

Project Hohoemi | The Vision Becomes Reality

Last weekend I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Ishinomaki, an area struck hard by the 2011 Tsunami, with fourView full post »

What I’ve Learn After Living in Japan for 11 Months

We are vastly approaching our 1  year anniversary of living in Japan and I have been meaning to post an update for aView full post »

Make a Splash: Rain Puddle Photo Shoot

Sometimes you just need to jump in a puddle and make a big splash. Hope you are having a good summer. We sure are! IView full post »

The Daruma Doll Festival | Ome Japan

The Daruma Doll (http://en NULL.wikipedia Festival in Ome, Japan was a day of firsts for usView full post »

What I’ve Learn After Living in Japan for Eight Weeks

Has it really be two months since we moved to Japan and relocated to Yokota Air Force Base? It doesn’t seem likeView full post »