Brother and Sister Photo Shoot

I have become that person. I know. The one who always post photos of their kids. But right now, they are my world. During this crazy season of transition, we are getting ready to move to Japan, I have not been taking many clients. But I still love to shoot and I do not want to get rusty. So I photograph my babes. I also use this blog as a place for family and friends to stay connect and up to date with our lives. I’ve considered doing both a private blog and a business blog, but I am not quite ready to try and manage two blogs at this point in my life. So I hope you are not annoyed with always seeing my kids on here. I promise one day I will get back to posting tips about photography and more client sessions. But for now it’s all personal. I like personal personally..Hehe.  No, really though. I like getting to know people and especially someone that I want to hire. So I hope you feel like you know me. Because I tend to get pretty personal.

Ok ok. On to the pictures. I really wanted pictures of the kids and I to give to my husband for Father’s day. So I made my mom venture out into an Indiana field to help me do just that. This did not turn out how I envisioned them, but I will still treasure them forever.

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