Tokyo Portrait Photographer | The Cupp Family

This is the Cupp family. I first met them while standing in line to board the plane that would move my family to Japan. They too were just moving to Japan. It is hard to believe that was over a year and a half ago. And now, just like then, they are facing a big change. Their son Chase is a senior and will be graduating in just a few short weeks.  He will be headed back to the States to start college in the fall but before he leaves on a jet plane we had to capture some senior portraits Japan style. So this family session doubles as a senior session! It was so fun to work with this family. And it was awesome working with a senior client again. I actually started my business photographing seniors. So if you know any seniors or juniors needing portraits done send them my way. I would love to work with them.

Tokyo Portrait Photographer | Dominique & Ian Haig

This couple’s Tokyo portrait session was my first ever city photo shoot during the spring time. Tokyo is so magical during this time of the year with all the cherry blossom trees in full bloom.  People from all over the country and even the world travel to Tokyo during this time of the year to view the trees. The sakuras only last about one week AND fortunately this session just happened to fall on one of the best days possible for capturing the city with the blossoms!

And these two! Such sweet people. And such busy people.  I am thankful I finally got to photograph them. This shoot was originally scheduled for December.  But I think it was totally worth the wait!

Kenny and Danielle’s Portrait Session

This is my brother Kenny and his girlfriend Danielle. I just met Danielle for the first time a few weeks ago and I must announce to the world that I love her. She is truly an amazing person. And I love seeing my younger brother so happy.  Things have not been easy for the two of them. Three weeks after they started dating Dani was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  She is a fighter though and is now cancer free. Her journey has not been easy, but her courage and positive spirit has been truly inspirational. And I know that she was a little uneasy about taking these photos after losing her hair. But I think these portraits demonstrate her bravery better than my words can.

And I must give a shout out to my brother. I am so proud of you and love you beyond words. I just want the best for you and for you to be happy. Judging by these portraits I believe that you are.

The Arnold Family | Photo Session Junkies

This is probably the millionth time this family has been on the blog. What can I say? I am a big fan of my best friend and her family. It has been so fun to watch them grow from the two of them to a family of five. And I also find it neat that you can see my photography style and skills change and evolve if you look at all the sessions I’ve ever done for her. You can find previous session of the Arnold family here and here and here and here and here ! Not to mention the good old days on the old blog! Want to see some of my first photos as a professional? Click here (http://reneebooephoto NULL.blogspot NULL.html) and here (http://reneebooephoto NULL.blogspot NULL.html).  And those are just the family sessions and do not include times I have photographed just her kiddos. We’d be here for hours if I linked those too! And after all those family photo shoots, newborn shoots, and maternity sessions I think this session is my favorite by far. I am not sure what it is, but I love these photos. And I love these people even more!

Ok. Just for fun I wanted to link all the sessions I could find of Dawn and Tim and their family. So to see more you can click here, here, here, here, here  (http://reneebooephoto NULL.blogspot NULL.html), here (http://reneebooephoto NULL.blogspot NULL.html), here (http://reneebooephoto NULL.blogspot NULL.html), here (http://reneebooephoto NULL.blogspot NULL.html)… oh I give up:) Dawn I think you owe me:)

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Family Portraits | Three Year Old Triplets

Hi friends! I know it has been pretty quiet around here. I was enjoying some much needed extended family time back in the States as well as the comforts of home. Sometimes you just long to drive on the right side of the road and speak English when ordering at a restaurant.

While back in Indiana I photographed these adorable triplets and their parents for the third time. You have got to check out their first year and second year sessions here and here to see how much they have grown. These soon-to-be three year olds kept me on my toes. Never a dull moment to be had with triplet preschoolers.  They say third times a charm so let’s see if that rings true for a portrait session with three young children. I think this one is my favorite of all three sessions. What do you think?

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4 Books to Avoid if You Want to Remain the Same

I will confess that these books lived on my bookcase for a while because I was actually afraid to read them. I was comfortable. I was doing all right. Average. Why shake things up? What happens if I read one of these books and it messes me up so badly that I can’t live the same way? These were the fears running through my mind. And I think they were rational fears. Relatable even.  I was reminded however that God does not give us a spirit of fear and the thoughts racing through my brain were surely not from Him. If they were not from Him then I decided I didn’t want anything to do with those thoughts. So with a little faith and a lot of prayers I released my fears and God took me on a little journey in 2013.  He used the books below to help me get there. 

Who wants to stay the same, really? I know I don’t. I want less of my sinful nature and more of Jesus. I want to care less about myself and more about His Kingdom. I want to see needs and meet them. I want to live with less so I can give more. I want to know the Bible, what it actually says and live that out. I want to be the type of sheep that we find in Matthew 25. I do not want to be mistaken for a goat! This is what God has grown in me this past year.  He, through His Word, prayer, good friends, wise authors, and the Holy Spirit is changing me. And I am not afraid any more. I welcome the change. I want more of it. More of Him.

So, if you are longing for more and desire for God to shake you up, break you, challenge you, and ultimately change you to be more like Jesus then I highly recommend these books.

Rather than give you a description of each book I thought I’d share briefly what I took away from each one. If you want to go grab some coffee and chat about them and what God is doing in me I would love that too, and could talk for hours. But for now, here is a quick thought on each one.

“Crazy Love” by Francis Chan (http://crazylovebook was very challenging, but in a good way. This book has stirred up in me the desire to look at what the Bible says about certain issues rather than relying soling on tradition or what the church says.  I was blessed with the opportunity to hear Mr. Chan speak at a church in Tokyo which just increased my respect for this man and his honesty and his call for authenticity in our faith.

“Kisses from Katie” by Katie Davis (http://kissesfromkatie NULL.blogspot surprised me. I was blown away by this girl’s faith. She is so young, but living out her life completely dependent on the King. I want a faith like hers. To hear what God is calling me to do and GO DO IT. No matter the cost. No matter how extreme or different it may be. This is a beautiful book and very well written. And my passion and heart for adoption has only increased after turning these pages.

“Love Does” by Bob Goff  (http://bobgoff a quick read. And the entire time I read it I just kept thinking to myself “this guy is so cool.”  I would totally hang out with him if I could. I’d love to go to his home for dinner and just listen to what he has to say. This book challenged me to see needs and meet them. See people hurting and be their help, their answer.  I also love how he encourages his children to dream big and how he helps them achieve those dreams. Oh please read this book!

Seven: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess” by Jen Hatmaker (http://jenhatmaker  is the book I started reading blindly. I had no idea what the book was really even about, but I immediately fell in love with the way this women was speaking directly to me as I read each page. I was encouraged by her. Inspired and challenged by her. The book left me saying, “well what do I do now?” Thankfully Jen gives the answer and offers a guide called “Staging Your Own Experimental Mutiny Against Excess”.  AND coincidentally, PWOC and the chapel on base will be starting this study on January 22nd. You better believe I will be there ready to challenge myself and encourage others to do the same.

If you live on Yokota AB and want more details about this study/accountability group please let me know. We would love for you to join us!

So WHY did I write this post? Why share this personal information with you. First off, for accountability. If 2013 was the year God put these desires for growth and change in my heart then I know 2014 is the year I will be required to put them to action. And that is proving to already be the tough part. My fleshes rises up everyday and challenges me to live comfortably, to go ahead and buy that rug you don’t really need, or to ignore that small voice that encouraged me to invite my neighbor over for dinner. I need you to know that I want to live differently so when you see me not doing so you can call me out. Lovingly of course. I need your prayers and encouragement because I believe it is in community that we truly thrive.

And the second reason I am sharing this is because I believe that God wants to grab your heart too. He wants to meet you right where you are and take you to greater places. God wants to show you things and give you more joy than you can contain. And if you want to go on this journey with Him but don’t know how to begin perhaps this post is a great place to start. Pray. Seek His face. Get in the Word. Talk to friends. And perhaps, be brave enough to read one of these books. It’s a good place to start. And know that its not my words, or the authors words that will change your heart. That my friends, can only be done by the Holy Spirit Himself. Once you encounter Him and allow Him to work in you, you will never want to remain the same again.

Have you read some of these books? How has God used them to grab ahold of your heart? Do you recommend any other God inspired books to spur us on? I’d love to hear from you. Please comment below.

And I’d love to know how you are doing in your walk with Jesus and what He is calling you to. Feel free to comment and share what God is doing in your life for “we will over come by the blood of the Lamb and the power of our testimony.” Help us be over-comers by sharing. 

Thanks for listening. Know that I am praying for you!

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