Barefoot Sandals for Babies

I love shoes on babies. I think they are just so darn cute. But often times I have a hard time getting them to stay on my eight month old. So what do I put on her feet?  It’s way too hot to have her just wear socks and being completely barefoot makes her outfit look incomplete. Well, my dear friend Jessica MADE us a solution: Barefoot Sandals!

After posting a few photos of sis on Facebook several people have asked me about her sandals. So I thought I would do a post on them.


If you would like some made for your babe leave a comment below and I will give you Jessica’s contact info. She charges $15 for a pair which I believe is a steal! She can make them in several sizes: small (6-12 months), medium (12-24 months), and large (24months +). And she can make them in a variety of colors.

I love them! We seriously wear them all the time. Are they not the cutest?

Thanks to the author of Tutus & Tea Parties (http://tutusandteaparties NULL.blogspot NULL.html?m=1)for sharing these with the world.

And again leave a comment and I will get you in touch with Jessica so your little one can have these for the summer!

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