Airplane Photo Shoot

I really can’t believe I am posting pictures from Eli’s two year old photo shoot. That just blows my mind! My little boy is going to be two in just a few days. The past year has flown by and my baby is now a little man. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

He absolutely loves airplanes. So I decided to design a session around that passion. The past two years I have done his yearly photo shoot right before his birthday. That way I can use one of the photos for his birthday announcement. And even though he isn’t quite two in these images there is exactly a year difference between his one year old photo shoot (see images here) and this two year old photo shoot.

Wanna know some of the logistics behind this session?

I took these images on my back patio. It took me about an hour to set up the scene and about five minutes to take the pictures. I wanted to shoot for longer, but five minutes is all I really get with Eli and my camera these days. Plus, I waited for the best sunlight for my backyard, sunset, so by that time he was getting pretty tired. I used old flight charts that Andy has had forever as the backdrop. I cut out the parts I did not like, crumbled the map up and then opened them again and taped them to the wall. I also taped some to the patio floor. Then I made a few paper airplanes and hung them from the ceiling. Last, I pulled out an old rocking airplane that used to be mine when I was a kid. And ta da! A simple natural light studio in my backyard.

Have you done something like this before? I’d love to see your images or hear your story about a creative session you have done with your clients or your kids! Leave a comment and share your ideas and links!

Below: Eli playing with his daddy’s wings. These are the wings I pinned on my husband almost six years ago.

Below: I posted the image below so you could have a little behind the scenes look at how I set this up. You can actually see my backdoor in the shot on the left.

Below: The invitation to E’s bday party and our going away party. Bitter sweet

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August 1, 2012 - 6:02 am

Kathy Crispinobostamper - Renee, what a great idea for a shoot! Can’t believe Eli is 2….wow! And he is DARLING!!! Love the pic of him holding Andy’s wings…when do you head to Japan?

We sure are looking forward to Baby Crispino…won’t be long now….wish you were close to take newborn photos…

August 12, 2012 - 12:10 am

Renee - Thanks Kathy! I really can not believe that Eli is two. Time flies! But its been a blast.

We head to Japan at the end of August. Super excited.

Can’t wait to see photos of that baby. So happy for those two. We wish we lived closer too!

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